series of 70 camouflage drawings 2003/04
newspaper-photo, acryllic paint, uv-protection layer,

(subtitles drawings)

The turnover between entrepreneurs in the Boekhorststraat is big. In itself not good, but a shop building usually soon attracts a new entrepreneur.

President Bush talks with premier Balkenende in the Oval Office of the White House.

15 Years old Joyce behind her laptop on the bed in her room.

Immigrants in San Francisco.

Postering against sadness in Transvaal
Transvaal veteran 'Uncle Peter' van Dorp with young posterers. The idea is to cheer up demolition sites with portraits of local residents.

Ten Commands out of sight
Workmen remove a monument with The Ten Commands out of the public hall of the High Court of Justice in the state Alabama in Montgomery. Roy Moore, the highest judge of Alabama placed the monument in the building two years ago. Because the constitution doesn't allow religious expressions in public buildings a federal judge decided last year the biblical commands had to be removed. Moore refused until the last moment to carry out this decision, and got suspended.

Putin pours a cup
Head of state Wladimir Putin as a guest of Maria Korjakina-Astafjewa in Siberian Owsjanka. The widow of the, in Russia, highly honoured writer Wiktor Astafjew didn't mind to be served by the president who travelled 3400 kilometer for it. Putins courtesy isn't free of connotation: He does his election tour.